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Anastasiia Derazhenko


  • NPU named M.P.Dragomanov Faculty of Informaics (2018-2019)
  • NPU named M.P.Dragomanov Faculty of Physic and Maths (2014-2018)


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Scientific publications

  • "Психолого-педагогічні аспекти засвоєння знань математичного програмування учнями старших класів"
  • "Розвиток психічних процесів учнів під час вивчення інтерференції світла"
  • "Значення розвитку уяви учнів для засвоєння знань з фізики"


"The main tasks of mathematical programming." The branch of mathematics concerned with the theory and methods for solving problems on finding the extrema of functions on sets defined by linear and non-linear constraints (equalities and inequalities) in a finite-dimensional vector space. Mathematical programming is a branch of operations research, which comprises a wide class of control problems the mathematical models of which are finite-dimensional extremum problems. The problems of mathematical programming find applications in various areas of human activity where it is necessary to choose one of the possible ways of action, e.g. in solving numerous problems of control and planning of production processes as well as in problems of design and long-term planning. The term "mathematical programming" is connected with the fact that the goal of solving various problems is choosing programs of action.

Masters research

The manual examines the problems of the variational calculus, the theory of optimal control, the finding of extremums of nonlinear functions without restrictions, the problems of mathematical programming, the problems of dynamic programming, three-dimensional transport problems, grid graphs and transport problems on transport networks.

  • Mathematical programming [5]

The tutorial "Mathematical programming" contains the necessary minimum knowledge from the following sections: the general problem of linear programming and methods of its solution, duality in linear programming, transport task, integer programming, elements of nonlinear programming, elements of game theory, elements of stochastic and dynamic programming , as well as tasks for independent problem solving and tasks of settlement work for students of specialties "Mathematics and Economics", "Economic theory and informatics".


The main feature of the manual is the introduction of mathematical programming with the use of information technology. To do this, it is proposed to use the medium of the mathematical package Marie. The means of this system of computer algebra allowed to develop a methodology for teaching mathematical programming, which emphasizes the students' attention on the key ideas of concepts and methods being studied, and not on routine calculations.

About my Master's

in Prezi[7] Free Software[8]

Thoughts about Education

I think, that education is not effective now. We have groups of people, who can not thing creative, who can not work in groups. Most of students even don't know why they need to study. Knowledge in Universities are noneffective and uninteresting. That video describes how to change that and other huge problems. [9]

Social activities

Creator of

  • Science is fun in NPU [10]
  • YouthDay in Kyiv [11]
  • Biblsoft.ru [12]

About me and my plans for the future

The most important thing, what I want to do in my life - is to left something, what could help future generations. That is why, I try to popularise science ( with creating interesting events and taking part i conferences like Conference of Students "Education and Science-2019" in NPU etc.) Also, I like to draw pictures and create different jewelries. I think, that only science and art could save people's lives and souls. One day, when science and art unite people will come happy.