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General information

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Shamai Tetiana


1. Bachelor's degree: Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, Faculty of Informatic
2. Master's degree: Dragomanov National Pedagogical University, Faculty of Informatic







Scientific publications

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Master's tesis


Schoolchildren information security


To enable better teaching and learning as well as broader information access, most schools have acquired Internet access services and some even have hosted their school Web pages at their Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some schools are also implemented new information technology (IT) projects like school intranet system to let teachers and students have interactive communications and collaboration. It is envisaged that the operation of schools will be adversely affected if their IT facilities do not function properly or data cannot be accessed. There are many potential causes of damage to computer systems which may be natural or human by nature. Such kinds of causes are usually called threats

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Coursera: Human-Centered Design

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Social ads design

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[http://tatyanashamay.com/ CV


1. Social
2. Academic Life
3. Languages
4. Music
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6. Sport
7. IT

Plans for the future

It's easier to achieve goals and objectives when write them down. i will compile all the information including: Skills required Knowledge required Job requirements Upgrading Your Skills Next, i'll plan figure out how and when i'll can acquire the skills necessary for your future success. A good place to start is consulting with your professional association about local, national, and online seminars, as well as workshops and tutorials related to your interests.

I can also ask Human Resources and IT departments about any in-house resources. And, you can look into any educational opportunities offered at local colleges and adult education programs.

Then, i will decide how much time i want to invest in professional development because i need to balance career needs with lifestyle needs. Taking on too much at once is a good way to burn out fast. I need to figure out what activities will fit into your available time.