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The BVOP Scrum Master Certification program was created by the Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd in 2017 with the mission to provide Agile and modern Scrum approach to dynamic projects and teams management.

The abbreviate of the Business Value-Oriented Principles is BVOP and the organization is the owner of the BVOP® Trademark registered to map the project management certification program with the BVOP Ultimate Guide presenting the full training materials.

BVOP online presense

The official website of the Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd. is and no other online resource should be considered as an official institution related to the certification body. For details about the current certification program, visit the BVOP Scrum Master Certification page. For that program, you need to learn the Project management chapters from the BVOP Ultimate Guide and the entire BVOP Agile Guide.

Scrum Master Certfiication Price

The official price for the Scrum Master certification program of BVOP is $70 USD. Recently BVOP published information related to their promo codes for the certification exams. If you have received a promo code when registering on the platform you may get an additional discount and the final price is 55 USD.

Online Certfiication exam

To validate your knowledge the BVOP Scrum Master Certification requires passing an online exam. The exam lasts about 60 minutes and presents 60 questions that you need to answer. You must score more than 75% of correct answers to pass the exam and obtain the BVOP Certified Scrum Master, Business Value-Oriented Scrum Master (BVOSM) title. BVOP recently announced the Trial exams. You may experience the real Scrum Master Certification exam running a trial one. This is a way to save money and fully prepare for the examination.

Certification expiry

The BVOP Scrum Master Certification has no expiration period and it is a lifetime valid document. This information appears to be valid for the future and no changes are expected.

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